Polemics Applications presents Xcode Academy Beginner. This App serves as a prequel / reference guide to our first App Xcode Academy. This App is an introduction to Objective - C syntax and shows you the correct syntax for common programming functions. Intended for absolute beginners or those with a basic (high school level) understanding of programming that need to learn Objective - C syntax specifically. 

Tutorials Include: Commenting, Opening / Using a Command Line, Creating a Project, Storyboard Introduction, Object Library Introduction, Creating a Class File, IBOutlets and IBActions, NSLog, NSString & NSMutableString, Integers and Floats, NSArray and NSMutableArray, If Statements, Loops, NSDictionary, Common Errors - SIGABRT and Undeclared Identifiers 

This App was built on iOS 6.1 with Xcode version 4.6.



Polemics Applications presents Xcode Academy 201. This is the second in a series of apps to teach iPhone/iPad developers how to perform specific functions in Xcode (and Objective-C). Our motivation came from buying expensive books that contained outdated or irrelevant code and information. You can spend $20 - $40 on a book on Objective-C or Xcode that you might use a little bit of or you can spend $1 to get tutorials that show you how to do common tasks in App programming. 

Xcode Academy 201 takes you through the tutorials step by step and then explains how the code is working so that you can modify it to your own needs. In order to use Xcode Academy 201 you will of course need a Mac computer, Xcode (free on the App Store), and a basic understanding of Xcode's interface. Objective-C experience is not required; precise code is provided the performs the tasks you need. 

Xcode Academy was developed in Xcode version 4.5.2 with iOS 6. 

Tutorials Include: Setting Up a Picker View, Generating Random Numbers, Segmented Controls / if Statements, Displaying a local Image in a Web View (for zoom in / out purposes), iPad: Split View Navigation, Converting an iPhone only App to iPad / iPhone, Table View with Dynamic Prototypes, Passing Data Between Views, Creating a Countdown Timer / Timers, Animation - Moving and Fading Objects, AlertViews, Dictionary of Common Terms


Objective C is one of the world’s most popular programming languages; it is the base language for all iPhone, iPad and Mac OS programming. In honor of this Polemics Applications created this study guide for new programmers. Objective C Dictionary and Flashcards is a basic introduction to Objective C syntax and terms. This app displays the most common JavaScript Syntax for beginners and quick reference. We display the material in several different ways to aid in memorization, study and quick use. All content is written with a slant for use in Apple’s Xcode. Lets be honest, if you’re learning Objective C it’ll be for iOS programming. In this app you’ll find: 

*A syntax dictionary with 24 entries in full color covering topics like arrays, functions, objects, and console logging 
*Flashcards displaying an Objective C statement followed by the purpose of the statement 
*An Objective C Glossary and Flashcards with 34 terms. 
*A timed quiz to test your knowledge 
*Quiz at your own pace 
*The 24 page Wikipedia article on Objective C syntax for further study


Polemics Applications presents the Xcode Academy. This is the beginning of a series of apps to teach the beginning programmer how to work with Xcode and Objective C. Our motivation came from buying expensive books and outdated apps. Xcode updates come every other month. Our app is verified for iOS 6 use. Stick with us and you won't be caught flat footed. Programming apps is difficult to begin, there is a critical point of time when new programmers either break through and fly on their own or they quit. Don't give up on your dreams and good luck. 

This is Xcode Academy 101, content includes: Xcode Interface, Navigator, Storyboard, Utilities, A Dictionary with 27 common Xcode terms, Creating your first app, adding Buttons, images and backgrounds, Table views, Tab bar controllers, Intro to Objective C, Creating a Webview, Creating a Scrollview iOS 6.0, Pinch and Pan, Playing sound files, Text Fields and the assistant editor, Scroll View 5.1, Swiping Gestures
A collection of our tutorials in iBook form.  App Academy contains information and tutorials on how to work with Xcode and Objective-C to create apps for iPhone and iPad.  Our motivation to write this book came from buying expensive books that were outdated and mostly useless.  App Academy assumes you are a complete beginner and goes from there.


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Greeting App Master! 

This app is the fourth installment of our Xcode Academy series. As we were producing the first three editions we kept coming up with side bar discussions that programmers really should know about. Consider the old term 'web master' that came in the late 1990s. This term detailed all sorts of topics above and beyond programming a website itself. This app takes the old concept of the individual or small company 'web master' and applies it to modern app production. 

This app has 3 purposes: 

1. Develop your App Business 
2. Update your Marketing Skills 
3. Sharpen your Programming Vocabulary 

Inside the app you'll see: 
**12 Articles on topics such as business models, porting your app, quality control, affiliate marketing, social media and finding niche markets. 
**15 terms for object oriented programming in Xcode including the refactor tools and how to use them. 
**7 tutorials: How to Pick Search terms, Create Your LLC, Getting a D-U-N-S Number, Create Short URLs, In App Review Code, Affiliate Marketing, In App Email