Pocket Ear Trainer


Pocket Ear Trainer contains randomized ear trainers for chords, intervals, and scales. Tap play and it will play a random interval, scale, or chord for you and you select what type it is. It also includes a reference and practice section so that you can read information about the sounds being played and selectively hear certain intervals, chords, and scales. Pocket Ear Trainer was created by a music educator with college music students, band directors, and musicians of all types in mind. Learning to recognize intervals by ear is a huge part of playing music by ear and as any musician or music teacher knows, an important part of overall musicianship. 


- Interval Trainer / Quiz includes: ascending and descending minor 2nd, major 2nd, minor 3rd, major 3rd, perfect 4th, tritone, perfect 5th, minor 6th, major 6th, minor 7th, major 7th, and octave. 
- Chord Trainer / Quiz includes: major, minor, diminished, augmented chord types. 
- Scale Trainer / Quiz includes: major, natural minor, melodic minor, harmonic minor, dorian, and mixolydian scales. 
- Reference section with information about chords, intervals, and scales 
- Practice section where you select which scale, interval, or chord to hear rather than the trainer selecting one for you at random.
Pocket Keys and Scales puts any major or minor key signature at your fingertips in just one tap of the screen. Tap again on any key signature and you will see the written music for the scale in treble and bass clef. Also included is a thirds exercise and an arpeggio exercise in every major and minor key. Pocket Keys and Scales also includes the written music for pentatonic and blues (minor pentatonic) scales in every key. 

Pocket Keys and Scales is great for developing musicians that need a quick reference for major, minor, pentatonic, or blues scales in every key. It can be used to simply identify key signatures or as a way to display the written music for scales. 


- 15 Major Key Signatures (12 Chromatic and 3 Enharmonic) with the written music for the scale, thirds, and arpeggios for each 
- 15 Minor Key Signatures (12 Chromatic and 3 Enharmonic) with the written music for the scale, thirds, and arpeggios for each 
- Written music for pentatonic scales starting on all 12 chromatic notes 
- Written music for blues scales (minor pentatonic) starting on all 12 chromatic notes 
- Treble and Bass clef included for all of the above 
- Additional information on playing harmonic and melodic minor scales 
- Zoom in/out and pan for music as needed

Here's My Card


Here's My Card is for any and all sales and business professionals. If you work on commission, there isn't anything more frustrating than a client losing your business card and then your sale going to someone else. With Here's My Card your clients can't lose your card because it will be in their email on their phone. 

- Save a picture of your business card as your default business card in Here's My Card 
- When you meet a new customer or client, you simply enter their email into the App and it sends the picture of your business card (along with any default message you set) to the client. 
- At the same time, the Client's email is saved into your contact list. You can then go in and edit their information to add name, phone number, or additional notes. 
- Have a sale coming up? Tap one button to email all of your clients about it, or send a picture of a coupon to all of them!

Fallacies and Biases


Polemics Applications

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Pocket Keys & Scales


Expense Report Maker


This app creates .pdf files of your business travel receipts for reporting and reimbursement. This app has no hidden costs, in app purchases, or advertisements. No need to create an account after getting the app - all of your data is stored only on your phone and not on any outside server. Minimalist interface lets you take pictures of your receipts, crop them to proper size and then convert them to .PDF files. 

Store 1, 2 or 4 receipts per page and caption them with amounts, dates or notes as needed. Once your expense report is ready you can email it with our in-app email feature. 

The app stores separate expense reports under different folders for past reference at your convenience
Polemics Applications presents Fallacies and Biases. This is an app that contains quick reference information on formal fallacies, informal fallacies, and cognitive biases. You can use it as a reference and a learning tool - it contains flashcards and quizzes as well to help you memorize the terms. 

The app contains: 16 Formal Fallacies, 95 Informal Fallacies, 92 Cognitive Biases, 26 Social / Attributional Biases, 46 Memory Errors / Biases, Flash Cards and Quizzes for Fallacies and for Biases - Over 250 Terms in all!
Edible and Poisonous Plant Identification is part of a series of outdoors survival and adventure apps designed to give information on demand at the moment of need. All plants depicted have a connection with survival whether they be edible flowers, medicinal herbs or poisonous berries to stay away from.

Within this app: Over 100 Useful Plants, 15 Poisonous plants, Flash Cards for study, Multiple Choice Quiz.

‚ÄčEach plant entry has a picture, description, habitat, growing areas and edible parts or warnings. Content is taken from the U.S. Army Survival manual and open source public records.

Edible and Poisonous Plants